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Who are we

The group's companies operate in the Fintech sector with different aspects such as Employee Benefits (social benefits and lunch allowances), "Money as a Service" activities through electronic wallets. All transactions related to these activities are recorded in a private blockchain and data are stored on a satellite transponder.

The employee benefits segment has been running in France since 2015 and today owns prestigious clients such as Suez, Engie, Chanel, United Airlines, Renault, and many more.

The MaaS activities with the brand Wezee start in 2020 with a successful proof of concept on HNW customers in 2019 allowing clients to tokenize their own assets to sell or rent crypto assets in a secondary market.

These two segments will plant a flag in 2020 in the German speaking territories and Benelux for the Employees Benefits part. An installation in Spain is also in the 2020 agenda with a Payroll program for temporary work companies.

Today the company has 40,000 Mastercard cardholders managed with a target of 100,000 cards in 2020 and 1,000,000 cards by 2023 in the 4 territories.

The average of allocations and reloads for social grants is 300 euros per card per year; 2,000 euros for meal vouchers per year, and figures ranging from 5,000 to 500,000 euros per month for the MaaS segment.


Corporate social responsibility

The group stands out for its conception of social work and the contribution it makes to it. Through its activities, the group enables employees and users of Wezee our MaaS segment to receive endowments, donations, or fundraising if tokenization.

The group thus bases its corporate social responsibility on five strategic "core business" issues, directly related to the group's activities, and which concern human rights:

1) Motivate companies to allocate through our Mastercard card's Fleet cultural and recreational endowments to employees, with a higher support coefficient for lower salaries ;

2) Support and protect end-users in these digital uses;

3) Encourage new uses of financing versus more selective financial institutions, re-banking certain individuals.

4) Organizing ITOs for innovative projects with social connotations;

5) Reconcile the enhancement and protection of personal data in order to take advantage of the strong digital potential while respecting the privacy of the group's customers.



Choosing well is first of all getting to know each other well. Our recruitment process is a 4-step process, with the pre qualification through a phone call, a meeting with the head of sales or the CTO, a meeting with one of the company's Director and the contract negotiation. On the one hand, it allows us to appreciate your areas of expertise and experience, but above all, it is an opportunity to discuss what we can accomplish together.

We are currently seeking senior sales for France and Benelux based in Paris, and in Germany with an office opening in Köln Q3 2020. The candidates must hold corporate clients portfolios or own a solid experience in B2B sale's environment. The candidate will speak at least two languages including English.

We are currently hiring junior and senior developers, IT infrastructure to maintain current infrastructure and softwares development in the fintech environment. French and English spoken is a plus.


Investor relations

Vaziva group including ID distribution are private companies that have been financed at start through convertible bonds and shareholders equity. Today a larger fund raising is scheduled during Q1 and Q2 2020 through a private placement with convertible bonds in France and Germany with forecasts of 30M Euros mostly allocated in organic growth with our corporate mastercard meal voucher programme.
The lead underwriters are KAS BANK NV (Group Credit Agricole) in Frankfurt and Credit Coopératif (Group BPCE) in France. The market maker and arranger is Renell Bank in Frankfurt.









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